Frequently Asked Questions

What Is BlueSky Certificate?

It is an Assurance certificate issued for the quality procedures and process followed in CSR projects. Assurance is provided for 4 different functions of the CSR projects – Governance, (Stakeholder) engagement, Financial prudence and Impact.

What is the quality standards followed?

Guidance provided in ISO 26000, The companies Act 2013 and NGRBC

What is the duration of the validity of the certificate issued by BlueSky Rating?

12 months.

How is Bluesky Certificate different from GRI/ IR and other sustainability standards?

Bluesky Certificate is specific  to The Companies Act 2013 . While it borrows guidances and requirements from international and national standards, it is focussed on the Indian legal requirements

can I know if the CSR Projects are eligible for the Bluesky Certificates?

A compulsory pre-inspection discussion with the Bluesky Technical team is arranged to understand the eligibility criterion. This discussion also determines the mandaysrequirement  of the audit.

Where can I use my Bluesky Certificate?

Bluesky certificates for individual  CSR Projects or a group of CSR Projects, can be shared with different stakeholders- CSR boards, Community representatives, Investors, annual reports, publication. It is useful also enhance the credibility of the Corporate and contribute to its recognition for awards and other felicitations.

Is the Bluesky certificate issued only to the corporate?

No, the Bluesky certificate issued is for individual  CSR projects supported by the corporate or being  implemented by the NGO.

Is Bluesky Certificate useful for ESG Risk Analysis?

Yes- the Bluesky certificate can be used to assure the social and governance risk of the corporate.

Is Bluesky certificate only issued for projects supported by Corporates?

No,  Bluesky  Certificates can be issued to implementing agencies and Ngos as quality procedures followed in the CSR projects is what is being  assured.

My organisation is running multiple CSR projects - Does each project need a different certificate?

Yes, Bluesky  Certificate is issued separately for each project.

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